Cedric French Bistro had a small fire last night 1/8/13


A friend of mine and to our blog mentioned that he saw a fire truck in front of Cedric last night.  I know they were planning on filming an episode of Black Ink Crew (the new reality show on VH1) last night so we thought maybe this was all part of it.  But unfortunately, it was in fact a fire.  Their Christmas tree caught on fire and damaged a small section of the bar and ceiling area.  Thankfully nobody was hurt not any of the staff or the upstairs neighbors.

They are working hard to get everything up and running again in a few days.  We here at HarlemCondoLife hope to see business resume quickly for Cedric and the whole crew!

Cedric French Bistro
Grand Opening of CEDRIC FRENCH BISTRO in Harlem

Cedric French Bistro
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6 thoughts on “Cedric French Bistro had a small fire last night 1/8/13

  1. Hi Sandra, I’d give them a call to confirm after 5pm just to confirm (212) 866-7766
    Hey Anonymous, BLack Ink Crew is a new Reality show filmed in Harlem. They were going to be filming at Cedrics the night of the fire.

  2. That’s good to hear that everybody was ok I love Cedric Bistro Harlem.
    What is Black Ink films?

  3. Hey Dawny! Yes, everyone was fine and they will be back and opened within a couple days. Lets have dinner there when you are back in Harlem next week.. Maybe they will make a new drink, “the burning tree shots?” lol

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