Will Harlem be the next location for a Marcus Samuelsson restaurant?

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After a little hiatus from blogging, it’s nice to return to posting with some interesting tidbits that could potentially impact Harlem’s restaurant scene. There are rumors floating around online that famous chef and Harlem resident Marcus Samuelsson maybe opening a new restaurant…in Harlem.
Could Marcus want to give MOJO or Zomas or Melba’s some competition on Frederick Douglass Blvd, the avenue we have been predicting to become Harlem’s restaurant row? If so, it would not be a long commute for Chef Samuelsson. I have seen him with my own eyes getting on the subway on the B and C line heading downtown.
I called his PR rep today to get the lowdown and to calm my excitment. This is their statement: “At this point there are no plans for him to open up a restaurant. [He is] always looking at interesting spaces and real estate opportunities, but nothing is set in stone.”
Hmm. I really hope Marcus’ broad PR statement and business plans get directed to Harlem. What do you think? Do you want Marcus Samuelsson to open up a restaurant in Harlem? I do!

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10 thoughts on “Will Harlem be the next location for a Marcus Samuelsson restaurant?

  1. I very much like your website’s post and all and i enjoy the theme and the colour but maybe it needs a different feel to it, its been awhile, anyone else think the same?

  2. BlackBetty, I could not agree more. How awesome would it be to have a Marcus Samuelsson restaurant right here in Harlem? Let’s hope these rumors are true!

  3. Ohhh I so hope it’s true. I’m a big fan of his and would love to see what he has in store for Harlem.

  4. His rep said there is no deal or anything set in stone. What an amazing culinary hike in progress we will see if the likes of Marcus Samuelsson opens up shop. Crossing my fingers that the rumor will become reality.

  5. I also read his interview with Tadias Magazine this past December & very very much enjoyed knowing that he lives here in Harlem – even food shops at C-Town! I was also glad to read that he’d like to bring more Farmers’ Markets to Harlem.
    Whatever he decides to do here, he’s surely an asset to our Community.

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