UPDATE: Best Yet Market grand opening March 5


By HarlemGal for HarlemCondoLife

Correction: We went by the supermarket this morning for the Grand Opening. Nothing was happening. A cashier told us it is scheduled for March 5 at 10 AM. We now have more advance notice so mark your calendars!

A while back a reader provided the details on Best Yet’s grand opening! It is happening today, March 1, 2010 at 11 AM! Here are the details again:

Best Yet Market in Harlem
2187 Frederick Douglass Blvd.
118 Street-119 Street and Frederick Douglas
Date: March 5
Time: 10 AM

And take a look at all the positive comments that have been posted regarding Harlem’s newest supermarket! It appears unanimous that most readers really like the supermarket.  I know I do!

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3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Best Yet Market grand opening March 5

  1. I haven’t tried the bread at BestYet … umm, yet (doesn’t that sound redundant?). However, I’d like to remind people that the local and established Patisserie Les Ambassades is right across the street and they make some of the best Baguette’s I’ve had this side of the Atlantic, along with fantastic pastries.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy that BestYet is here. A supermarket of this caliber was highly needed. But don’t forget about the local gems that were here before. I for one wouldn’t want to see Les Ambassades, Lee Lee’s Bakery, Karrot, etc. hurt by this newcomer.

    All I’m saying is think about spreading the love (and your purchasing dollars) to keep these stores in business as well.

  2. It has been a wonderful addition. I spend a lot of time traveling up & down 8th avenue & can’t seem to pass by without going in. 1st stop – bread…

  3. Well here’s another positive comment for you. I personally have not gone to the the Best market, just yet, but my mother whos lives in the west side has already gone and she’s so in love with it. What she likes is the wonderful 5 star customer service they have and the fabulous setting inside. In addition, she really appreciated the map they gave to all the customers to find there way around the market. The first impression she had when she first went there is that the Best Market is truly a Classic place to always shop.Now we only need for Pathmark on 125 to learn from the new kid in the block.

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