Introducing Cupcake Suite Cupcakery & Cafe in Harlem

By HarlemGal
Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem just got a little sweeter! Why? Because 2211 FDB will be the home of the brand, spanking new Cupcake Suite Cupcakery & Cafe. According to their website, the Cupcake Suite is founded by the Get’em Girls (pictured in this post) and their vision “is to create a swank upscale bakery and communal cafe with the comforts of the Carolinas and the inspiration of boulangeries in France.” Ooh la la! I am so there! I love sweets!
The Cupcake Suite will be located on what they call-not us- Harlem’s budding restaurant row, Frederick Douglass Blvd., between 119th and 120th Street and will offer signature cupcakes for $2.00 each; and specialty cupcakes for $2.50 each. View their menu here!
The Cupcake Suite plans to open late September/early October so put your taste buds on hold and start to figure out how to manage your desire for sweets! Harlem will now have Tonnie’s Minis, Make My Cake and Lee, Lee’s Baked Goods all close by in Central Harlem. Let the cupcake competition begin! Hmm…can you say cupcake throw down! Quick, call the Food Network!

Author: Harlem Condo Life

7 thoughts on “Introducing Cupcake Suite Cupcakery & Cafe in Harlem

  1. Why is everyone so crabby? Cupcakes. Coffee. People hanging out. A $2 treat. Positive attitude. What’s not to love? Welcome ladies. Do your thing.

  2. Let’s give them an opportunity to open and have a fair shake at providing product and services. Once that happens, then we can judge them fairly. For me personally, I wish them much luck and success in opening their business. That’s just me! Look out for the opening in the fall! Have a great week and thanks for reading HCL!

  3. Harlemgal, good to know this place is only aiming to be the second most ridiculous cupcake place in the city. I’m just worried that once it gets featured on Sex and the City and tourists line up for no reason, it will bump the prices up by 75 cents and look to take the cake!

  4. Make My Cake has got to be one of the worst bakeries in Harlem…they seem to be big on duncan hines and poor service.

  5. @Anon. Thanks for your comments. I just checked the website of Magnolia Bakery. One plain cupcake costs $2.75 and a specialty cupcake is $3.25. I believe the Cupcake Suite price point is less.

  6. Am I reading this right that they are going to charge $2 for a cupcake? That is absurd, I don’t think Magnolia even charges that much

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