Bad Horse Pizza riding into Harlem to some extent unknown

By HarlemGal
I noticed over the weekend that we had a new twitter follower called Bad Horse Pizza. When I saw this I honestly thought, “who the heck is that?” I later googled them, which turned up their website and a blog post about them riding into Harlem soon. And guess where? Yup! You guessed it! Frederick Douglass Blvd! The exact address is 2224 Frederick Douglass Blvd!

I was very surprised to hear this news and double surprised that a pizza joint would be opening up on FDB. Why? We have Giovanni’s on 110th and Columbus Avenue, Pizzaria 123 right next to 2280 Frederick Douglass Condos and we have Settepani supposedly opening up a pizza place on 119th and Lenox Avenue.  It seems like we are good when it comes to pizza.

Don’t get me wrong. I think its wonderful that a new business is opening up in the old space that Corcoran bolted from. However, a pizza place with the words “bad” and “horse” in it to go along with existing or upcoming places such as, 67 Orange, Chocolat, Levain Bakery, 5 and Diamond, bier international, Melba’s and more?

These questions come to mind. Is Bad Horse Pizza a strategic fit with FDB? And does it compliment the other businesses that have or are planning to open in the area? Ayudanos por favor!

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25 thoughts on “Bad Horse Pizza riding into Harlem to some extent unknown

  1. Love the idea of a proper sit-down place with a casual/neighborhood vibe, which there is a terrible dearth of on FDB. Almost everything is either basically take-out or too fancy for families with little kids. For that same demographic, walking from FDB to Lenox can actually seem daunting. Plus the name makes me giggle.

  2. Well the name definitely caught my attention. Looking forward to trying it (even though I make a pretty damn good pizza at home)

  3. I think the name is pretty brilliant, and dare I say, bad-ass. From a marketing perspective, it’s clearly a success since we all can’t stop talking about it.
    I also don’t think that we have to worry about there being three pizza joints in a 1-mile radius. This is New York after all. If you make good pizza, we’ll eat it.
    Can’t wait for this place to open. Welcome to the neighborhood, John!

    p.s. Any chance you will deliver your pizza on horseback? Because that would be seriously awesome.

  4. Chris – you are spoon right. Why is it so hard to get a quick simple and cheap breakfast in our neighborhood? Let’s open one!

  5. Good luck Bad Horse Pizza!
    I think its great that you will be able to differentiate yourself enough. Working over on 119th and 8th, we dont have any lunch around except the $3.50 turkey sandwich from the bodega across the street!

  6. Welcome to Harlem!

    Now John with that kid of attitude I will come all the way down from my part of FDB (155th) and try your stuff! There can never be enough GOOD pizza in New York City. It sounds like your spot is exactly the kind of place I have been missing.

    Please do some vegetarian friendly pies and not just with veggies but with soy products.

    you can get awesome soy based meats in chinatown in bulk, if you head to 213 Hester Street and check out the huge selection at May Wah

    After you open I will be reviewing you for my veggie blog

  7. Pizza 123 is so bad. I’ve given them so many 2nd chances and they always disappoint. Welcome Bad Horse. Please don’t gouge your new customers.

  8. regarding being a good “strategic fit” with FDB…I thought we exercised free enterprise in this country and especially here in NYC…not satisfying the needs of a cabal…but making an honest living and pursuing our own independent vision even if that vision is of a Bad Horse Pizza : ) Gallop On!

  9. what matters is the love put into the pizza, not the name…it’s a myth that the name makes the product…it’s the other way around…unless you are a consumer drone…which I am not…some people think Outback has the best steaks around…I do not…sometimes the “best” places with the “coolest” names–REALLY disappoint…don’t you all agree?

  10. Why’s everyone getting his/her panties in a wad over the name? C’mon! Must it be so literal? Why not just call it “Slices” or “Pepperonis” or “Pie Place!” Bad Horse. It’s postmodern. It gets your attention. And, if it’s good, what’s the problem! To me, Bad Horse sounds like a place one could order a delicious pie and a refreshing beer on tap in a hip atmosphere. And, that would be a welcome addition to the neighborhood indeed. Best of luck!

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  12. Depends. The pizza at 123 is OK, but a great thin crust pizza joint with nice seating would be welcome. But what happened to the cupcake place that was supposed to open at FDB and 119th? We need more businesses to fill that string of empty storefronts next to Chocolat on the west side of FDB.

  13. I’m looking forward to it! Pizzeria 123 really isn’t that good and I would never actually EAT there….From the owners response, I’m feeling this will be more of a speciality/boutique pizzeria’s. What FBD/Harlem are more Specialty shops, independant restaurants, etc to make the Blvd interesting….what we don’t need are more franchises! Subway, Metro stores, etc…..Bad Horse Pizza, welcome to the neighborhood!

  14. Bad Horse Pizza is not going to be a slice place. Bad Horse has nothing to do with bad horse. Maybe I should have called it Le Mal Cheval Pizzeria, then people would have loved it? 🙂 Bad Horse Pizza will have, I hate to say it, artisan pizza pies (but we will call them “House Pies”). A ton of love and flavor going into each pie. Why not wait and see…….The owner, Bad Horse Pizza

  15. Awesome. Really looking forward to this place. Other parts of the city have a multitude of options when it comes to eateries and no reason why Harlem shouldn’t be the same. More businesses will bring more people to the neighborhood.

    Although, if any budding entrepreneurs with a bit of $$$ to burn are reading, what we really need is DINER!! Something with an old school vibe, old school milk shakes etc, would do incredible well up here as the demand is certainly there.

    Mazara, you know your pizza!

  16. It is a bad name for a pizza place. But being a pizza snob, I think that Manhattan lacks good pizza places. There are only 2 good places on the upper west side, for Italian American NY pizza there is Sal and Carmines on 102&broadway. For more pizza that resembles more closely what you will find in Italy there is Angelina pizza bar on 105&broadway. Then there is Luzzo’s on 1st ave and 13th St. Which is exactly what you will get in most good pizza places in Italy. Maffei pizza on 6th and 26th for great Sicilian and grandma slice – NY Sicilian that is. And then Bella Napoli on 31st and Madison for NY Italian American regular slice. And Sacco on 9th and 50th? 51st?.

    Then there are all the awful pizza places that shouldn’t be called pizza places because they
    are tasteless waste of calories.
    I have high hopes for settipani and bad horse, I’m really hoping that they do not disappoint!

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