A Great Afternoon at Harlem Shake’s Soft Opening


Wall of Fame

We finally have a good diner on Lenox in Harlem.  This afternoon we attended the soft opening at Harlem Shake and enjoyed exactly what you would expect, shakes and burgers.  Very pleasantly pleased by the retro fifties decor (by Dennis Decker) right down to the order-and-pick-up diner style format.  The official opening will be held in 2 days on Thursday, May 16th.  They are waiting on their license for outdoor seating as well which will expand the diner for the summer months.

Her eyes follow you

The shakes are delicious!  We recommend the Red Velvet Shake.  Our favorite burger of the three that we sampled was the “Hot Mess” spicy, messy and everything good.  The fries were good.  Nice and piping hot, skin on the potato and just the right amount of salt.


We predict many future busy nights here as they are set in the perfect location on the South/West corner of 124th street and Lenox Avenue.

They have added some very cool touches such as the Wall of Fame (above) which consists of a large collage of celebrities from Bill Clinton to Cassandra Wilson who have autographed their head shots on the wall.  We predict this will soon become a Harlem Hot Spot for local Harlemites as well as tour busses and the Sunday brunch crowd passing through and taking pictures of Harlem Shake.  While we were there, already a group of kids came in and asked if they could take a picture inside the place.  With it’s retro vibe, even though it is brand new we had the feeling that it had been there for years.  Also they serve wine and beer for those that want drinks with their fries.  The music playing was a little hip hop, a touch of rap and some R&B and great soul classics.  Perfect.

Thank you Jelena, for your hospitality today.  Congratulations to the whole crew and welcome to the neighborhood!

Fantastic design by Dennis Decker.   Well done.

*They will be open from 11am to 11pm weekdays and weekends they will be open until 2am.


Vintage jet magazine covers drape the bathroom walls. Fantastic!


Harlem Shake
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4 thoughts on “A Great Afternoon at Harlem Shake’s Soft Opening

  1. The diner looks dope, the food looks amazing – I can’t wait to drop by Harlem Shake! Great piece – Thanks HarlemCondoLife!

  2. You’re so welcome! Thank you for opening such a great place for our Harlem community to enjoy. We will definitely be coming back for more!!!
    @ Marisol – Thanks for your comment and Yes it is very affordable just another thing that Harlem Shake did right. Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for the great review! The best compliment is that you said it looked like it had been there for years- my exact intent. My biggest intent is that Harlemites will take it as their own- not made for tourists, but the people of Harlem. I hope it becomes a place of many fond memories.

  4. I’m going this weekend. Looks like they kept the prices down $7 / $8 is pretty reasonable. Thanks for the information. The red velvet shake sounds fabulous!!!

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