Café Amrita: The Harlem Chameleon


By Austin2Harlem

Café Amrita, located at 301 West 110th Street, can be almost anything you want it to be. In the morning, it’s a bright, airy spot for coffee, hot chocolate and a breakfast sandwich or toasted bagel. At lunch it’s a good place to grab a quick and delicious grilled Panini.  The roast beef and swiss Panini is my favorite along with chips. Hang out a little later in the evening as the lights are turned down and it transforms into the perfect neighborhood watering hole.


If you show up before 8 p.m., you’ll be treated to happy hour specials including $4 draft beer and $5 wine. I generally order Samuel Adams on tap or Blue Moon. After happy hour ends, it’s just a buck more, so feel free to stick around and enjoy the game on the big screen TV or just chat with the friendly patrons and staff.  You can choose from the numerous small tables or grab a stool at the long wooden bar.


No matter when you visit, you’ll find Café Amrita in Harlem to be a warm, relaxed, and a welcoming venue filled with tasty food and drinks at reasonable prices. Throw in the affable mix of Harlem locals, and it may just become your favorite place to spend an hour…or three. I know that for this recently transplanted Texan to Harlem, it’s a spot where you’ll often find me hanging my hat.


Cafe Amrita
301 West 110th Street
New York, NY 10026
t: 212-222-0683
Open from 8 am to around midnight -1 am every day

Author: Harlem Condo Life

11 thoughts on “Café Amrita: The Harlem Chameleon

  1. Just moved here on 110th and Lenox. Looks cool didn’t know it was there I’ll have to check it out.

  2. Just got back from watching Spain vs Italy and had a great time! The owner, Robert, is a friendly and laid-back host, and the pesto, mozzarella and tomato panini with chips was deeeelicious! It’s a fun neighborhood hangout; we’ll be back soon!

  3. well – as a Londoner visiting NYC, you expect basic New York-style service at any pub. Amrita did NOT deliver. Indeed, a good m8 of mine and I ordered guacamole and chips – and specified salsa on the side, cos we were hungry.

    instead, we got extremely salty chips – apparently from a bag of deli tortillas – and lumpy guacamole… ultimately, an order of salsa was delivered as a plastic cup of sour cream and a sparingly chopped up sliver of a stale tomato.

    > as you must be thinking: what the HELL?? we complained and were subsequently chucked out as trouble makers. I never felt so much like I was int the Red Square.

    except, maybe in the Red Square – the food is much better.

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