Pizza plans a possibility for Harlem's Settepani

By HarlemGal
What do you think about a pizza place opening on Lenox Avenue? Several readers have whispered in our ear saying that the southeast corner of Lenox Ave and 119th Street in Harlem is being prepped as a pizza joint. To be more specific, we hear that the owner of Settepani is looking to take over this space, pictured below, to turn it into a stylish pizza joint. Yummy! I hope this is true because if the pizza is anything like the food they serve at Settepani, located at 196 Lenox Avenue, I am so there! I have dined at Settepani and they cook up some scrumptious food. If they are really planning on making pizza in Harlem, I am confident Settepani will do it up right by making delicious pies!

I also think a pizza place is perfect for this space, which is exactly one block south of Settepani. It would be a nice alternative to Native’s and Il Caffe Latte, which I love dining at those places too. So I will ask again, what do you think about Settepani setting up a pizza place at this location?

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5 thoughts on “Pizza plans a possibility for Harlem's Settepani

  1. I walked up Lenox on Sunday and would agree, a nice pizza parlor with a variety of styles and toppings would be great. Everything from traditional to exotic and not just those paper thin styles, would be great.

  2. If fried chicken was 20 dollars a plate things would be a whole lot different
    up here!!! Or… They should place a one dollar recycling fee for disposal of the chicken bones.

  3. I agree, Ellen. However, I add that we residents must not take small business for granted. We must condition or re-condition ourselves in supporting quality businesses when they arrive. As a lifelong resident of Harlem I am delighted that there are more options: dining options, wine options, places to get flowers like K Parris & Harlem Flo, and there is N Boutique that is a great shop, but we need more & the existing businesses need more support!!

  4. We need several good pizza places where you can sit and really enjoy eating in a pleasant surrounding. We also need Bagels and tasti D lite. I am all for wonderful places and shops opening along Lenox Ave and making it a restaurant row, or a shopping street like in Europe, or even an artist street with lots of galleries….

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