Fuel for the Neighborhood – Harlem

In a followup to our earlier post, the exciting new pizza place replacing the convenient but sometimes mediocre Pizzeria 123 is called Fuel (custom pizza•salads) and according to their website, the vintage gasoline station-themed cafe seems to be the first New York outpost of a North Carolina (and Washington DC) chain, although according to their website the originators are from New York:

Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 5.35.35 PM

The online menu seems to have quite a few pizza, sandwich, salad and wing choices. Hopefully this will be another solid and inexpensive dining choice in the neighborhood. Welcome to the neighborhood Custom Fuel Pizza.

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Fuel – Menu & website






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19 thoughts on “Fuel for the Neighborhood – Harlem

  1. it is so damn ridiculous the amount of great services that lower FDB is getting when Lower Lenox was actually the first to start gentrifying the whole area with the Renaissance building.. All lower Lenox has to show for itself recently is some shi shi foolish “table haute” restaurant that has got to be too expensive where you have to eat whatever the chef is cooking and a Conway that was recently painted bright pink… WTF???

  2. I ate two times about a year ago in The District’s Fuel. One of the partners heard I was taking my grand to DC for his 13Th birthday present and recommended the spot for good,healthy and
    Tasty food at a reasonable price. I found it to be all of that. I said I knew one of the NYC owners, the staff treated me no differently than the first visit………and I was treated well as were all of the other customers. I wish them great success now that Fuel is in my neighborhood. I will be eating there too.

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